My vast professional experience in proofreading, teaching, and translation with clients from across the globe and an endless diversity of academic and professional backgrounds has proven one thing: We all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to our writing. Indeed, everyone—from the most proficient native speaker to the beginning English learner—can benefit from the discerning eye of an experienced proofreader, whose job it is to correct mistakes and improve the clarity, strength, and impact of your text.


A native English speaker, I have been working professionally since 2003 with international universities, colleges, research institutes, schools, academic journals, publishing houses, businesses, and private clients on books, articles, and other texts. My extensive knowledge of foreign languages and linguistics, my skills in written expression, and my immense experience in editing texts by authors from scores of countries and academic fields enable me to recognize and resolve the most common obstacles plaguing non-native speakers.

Based on your needs, I offer everything from more moderate correction of minor grammar and punctuation errors to more thorough editing of the entire structure, clarity, and style of your text. I am always eager to explain any unclear issues and look forward to assisting you not only in enhancing your writing but also in developing your general English competence. Together, we can take your writing to a higher level of Professional English!