More than any other skill, advanced English writing is of paramount importance in the world of academia. In order for you to express your ideas as effectively as possible, they need to be written in an elegant, concise, and—above all—idiomatic manner.


Through Professional English, I offer workshops in advanced academic and journal writing at universities and research institutes in diverse fields and subjects ranging from aeronautical engineering to sociology, world history to pharmaceutics, civil law to music theory, international cuisine to internal medicine, politics to sports science.

My vast experience and competence in written expression and my intimate familiarity with the specific linguistic and stylistic requirements (be they American, British, or otherwise) that many publishing houses and journals mandate in their style guides serve as a point of departure for the workshops. My skills and experience enable me to help you perfect the structure and style of your writing according to the exact specifications of your publisher and target audience.


I strive to share my passion for the writing process with you and provide you with the expertise you need to produce the most idiomatic and impactful texts possible. Whatever your field of work may be, I am confident in my ability to help you improve your Professional English!