Grammar is an incredibly elegant system of guidelines that helps to order together your thoughts. Much like the frame of a building provides it with support, proper and polished grammar—together with an expert use of advanced and idiomatic vocabulary—provides the framework that supports the construction of your sentences.


Mastering the complex grammatical structures and vocabulary of English is no easy task for even a native speaker, let alone a non-native one. Nonetheless, understanding the subtle yet significant difference between such phrases as the study proved and the study has proven, the USA and Germany’s debt and the USA’s and Germany’s debt, we insisted that he follow the rules and we insisted that he follows the rules, as well as only then did the results reveal and only then, the results revealed is critical to being able to effectively express your desired meaning.

Better understanding grammar topics (such as English’s twelve verb tenses, subjunctive forms, and the unusual word order that that some words require) as well as idiomatic vocabulary (including the differences between linguistic registers, formality vs. informality, and appropriate language in a given context) is central to my workshops on English grammar and vocabulary. Simultaneously, I strive to demonstrate just how fun and rewarding it can be to improve your knowledge in these fields. I look forward to being able to help you take your skills in grammar and vocabulary to a higher level of Professional English!