Prof. Ordinario Paolo Barbieri, Direttore del Dipartimento Scuola in Scienze Sociali all'Università di Trento, Italia


Conosco “elettronicamente” Ryan da anni, ormai. Mi fu segnalato da una collega dello European University Institute come persona affidabile e seria e devo dire che mai definizione fu più azzeccata. Avendolo conosciuto professionalmente includerei anche veloce, di qualità elevata e non esoso - il che non guasta... Ryan non si accontenta mai di tradurre letteralmente i testi italiani o di controllare l'inglese: pretende di comprendere quello che si scrive e pretende di rendere il testo non solo grammaticamente corretto, ma dotato di senso e di scorrevolezza secondo il canone della lingua in cui è scritto - con ciò dando un contributo notevole al miglioramento di qualsiasi pezzo gli si invii. Le sue correzioni sono vere lezioni di inglese, per me e per i miei PhD students. In aggiunta a ciò, Ryan è una persona assolutamente affabile e cortese e quindi mi sento di raccomandarlo assolutamente.

Dr. Sylvia Lange, Director of the One World Language School (OWLS) at the German-American Institute (DAI) Heidelberg, Germany


Ryan has been working as an English and German teacher at the DAI since 2013, providing both adult and children’s classes in addition to private lessons. He has proven to be extremely invested in his work and has shown a remarkable commitment to his teaching. Ryan possesses a vast and profound knowledge of English, German, and other foreign languages and specializes in academic writing, advanced grammar and style, and pronunciation. With his highly developed pedagogical sensibility and outstanding didactic skills, he intuitively understands how to motivate and encourage his students and thereby how to get the best possible results out of them. As a proofreader and translator, Ryan is both methodical and flexible. His skill in written communication is first-rate, and he has the intrinsic ability to understand the finest nuances of language and to express ideas in the most clear, precise, and succinct manner possible. Ryan strives to go above and beyond the high standards of advanced academic writing set by his clients and is a true asset in terms of improving the style and impact of a text. He has always carried out his responsibilities at the DAI to our utmost satisfaction, and his collaboration with his supervisors, colleagues, and students is inevitably rewarding thanks to his friendly, helpful, cooperative, and constructive attitude!

Dr. Peter Saueressig, Head of Communications, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS), Germany


HITS is an international research institute for "data science" with fields ranging from molecular biology to astrophysics. Our "Annual Report" is published in English, our website is entirely bilingual, and our press releases as well as our newsletters are always sent in both English and German. In 2014, we were in need of an editor for the English texts of the "Annual Report." The texts from our research groups are scientifically demanding and characterized by advanced technical language. We commissioned Ryan DeLaney with the editing because of his ability and skill in working with such texts and the fact that as a native speaker, he is able to stylistically enhance this type of academic writing. Since then, Ryan has continued to work with us regularly by proofreading our newsletters as well as translating all kinds of texts. In addition to his undeniable skills with language, Ryan has impressed us with his flexibility, his excellent time management, and his transparent communication, particularly in terms of expected costs. We are highly satisfied with Ryan's work, and the experience of working with him has been a joy for us all.

Nicole Gress, Director of the State-Approved Vocational College for Foreign Languages at the F + U Academy of Languages Heidelberg, Germany


Mr. DeLaney worked as a Professor of English for the F + U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg, Germany, from 2014 to 2015. Among other subjects, he taught grammar, business correspondence, pronunciation, intercultural communication, and the translation of business and economic texts from German to English from levels B1-C2. In addition, he created and corrected class examinations and the official state-approved final graduation examinations (both written and oral). Mr. DeLaney’s exceptional expertise and above-average commitment and dedication to his students and his craft enabled him to excel at his work. He always had an open ear for students and colleagues and showed an interest in each individual’s needs and wishes. He made vast use of teaching materials that he had created himself in order to further motivate his students and help them reach their linguistic goals, and his pedagogical skills proved remarkable. Mr. DeLaney was a reliable and versatile colleague who always carried out the tasks entrusted to him to our utmost satisfaction, and the excellent collaboration that arose between Mr. DeLaney and the teaching staff and school management proved beneficial to everyone involved.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth, President of the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Germany


My interdisciplinary team tackles issues of sustainability and social learning processes. We publish our results in various scientific journals as well as for selected target groups outside the scientific community. In order to successfully publish findings in this field, it is becoming increasingly important to not only submit error-free English manuscripts but also formulate key messages for intended readers in the best possible manner and in “impeccable English.” Ryan has supported me and – above all – my team of doctoral students in both areas with tremendous reliability and excellence for many years. He has demonstrated a sound knowledge of social science terminology and a great feeling for stylistic subtleties. These skills result in texts that are not only grammatically correct but also clearly structured and comprehensible. Moreover, Ryan offers a feedback loop in which he provides additional clarification and makes changes based on our feedback until the optimal expression has been found. My doctoral students benefit enormously from this detailed feedback on their texts as Ryan not only makes simple corrections but also repeatedly points out typical errors and pitfalls and offers suggestions for better formulations. All of this work is always carried out by purely electronic means and with complete reliability and timeliness. I can wholeheartedly endorse Ryan’s services and have already been able to recommend his work to a number of colleagues with the utmost conviction.

Prof. Dr. Werner Rieß, University Professor in the Field of Ancient History within the Department of History at the University of Hamburg, Germany


Ryan DeLaney is not only an excellent translator and proofreader of all English-language texts, but he is also an extremely sensitive linguist and cultural expert. That means that he not only ensures that every text maintains an excellent level of English – indeed, many proofreaders can do that – but also adapts them to the respective context and audience by always finding the correct linguistic register, the appropriate rhetoric, the perfect style and linguistic cadence. Ryan works very quickly and purposefully. At the same time, the pricing is always fair and transparent. The best thing about the pricing is that it also includes responses to questions, which can sometimes take the form of long telephone calls in which every word, every phrase is discussed in great detail in order to find the best possible expression. The texts that Ryan has edited thus far have all met with success: Abstracts have been approved by conference organizers, and journal articles have been immediately accepted by editors. Therefore, I will only entrust all future English texts to Ryan DeLaney.

Prof. Dr. Claus Wendt, Chair of the Department of Sociology of Health and Healthcare Systems at the University of Siegen, Germany


Ryan worked for me as a Research Assistant between 2009 and 2015 at the Universities of Mannheim and Siegen and continues to work for me today on a freelance basis. He has comprehensively and expertly edited and translated numerous scientific papers and conference presentations as well as many English monographs for me and my team. Due to his profound expertise in the German and English languages, Ryan has proven a downright expert in the revision of English texts. He consistently completes assignments by the required deadline, and his revision always goes above and beyond our expectations. In addition to correcting grammar and spelling, Ryan also regularly makes proposals for stylistic optimizations, thereby improving the clarity and impact of our texts. He was a very congenial member of my university team and has remained a trustworthy and reliable partner since then. I look forward to being able to make additional use of Ryan’s expertise in the future!

Dr. Sabine Kubesch, Sports- and Neuroscientist and Director of INSTITUT BILDUNG plus and VERLAG BILDUNG plus, Heidelberg, Germany


Ryan has been of immeasurable support to me with all things English since 2009. When we met, I was immediately struck by Ryan’s passion for the English and German languages. This passion proved contagious, and Ryan’s assistance with and lessons in business correspondence were both enlightening and entertaining. His didactic gifts and communication skills led me to further seek his services in teaching my sons English over the course of the next several years. Later, Ryan would become a trusted and valuable member of our team when I founded INSTITUT BILDUNG plus in 2012. For the institute and its publishing house, Ryan has expertly proofread and translated countless texts on myriad topics for international universities and researchers and produced the most creative and delightful translation of my children’s book series aimed at fostering executive functions in elementary-school students in German public schools. I was further privileged to be able to use Ryan’s services as a singer for on one of our educational children’s CDs [sample]. Moreover, Ryan continues to translate books, apps, games, and song texts for us and to support us in English-language business correspondence. As a teacher, Ryan intrinsically understands how to make topics interesting and accessible. He possesses a tremendous talent in teaching the intricacies of grammar, the nuances of pronunciation, and advanced academic writing. Ryan’s natural skills as an educator and his profound linguistic knowledge make him a joy to work with. I look forward to many more projects together!

Dr. Thomas Bahle, Associate Professor and Academic Researcher in the Department of Macrosociology at the University of Mannheim and Project Leader at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), Germany


I recommend Ryan 100% when it comes to proofreading English texts! He did an outstanding job editing the book “The last safety net. A handbook of minimum income protection in Europe” for a British publisher for my colleagues and me. Ryan’s work went above and beyond mere proofreading and the correction of errors. Through numerous suggestions regarding stylistic formulations, he made our “German” English clear and idiomatic. Moreover, Ryan always took the time to explain his suggestions and changes in great detail, and as a result, I learned a lot from him as to how to better write English academic texts. Ryan had no problems at all in meeting the challenging time limits of the proofreading and remained flexible to changes throughout the process. All in all, working with Ryan was a very effective and enjoyable experience on both a professional and a human level.

Dr. Jan Skopek, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


I got to know Mr. DeLaney in 2015 through Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Blossfeld at the Leibniz Institute for Education Trajectories (LIfBi) when we commissioned him to proofread the anthology “Methodological Issues of Longitudinal Surveys. The Example of the National Educational Panel Study,” for which I was one of the four contributing editors. The anthology consisted of 39 chapters with texts on a variety of topics and from many disciplines (Education, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics). Mr. DeLaney did an outstanding job of proofreading the texts with exceptional quality, showing a deep understanding of the underlying textual material. This type of work requires a great deal of trust, and Mr. DeLaney greatly impressed us with an optimal workflow between himself, the publishers, and the authors. The collaboration was an extremely positive experience, and I would therefore love to work with Mr. DeLaney again in the future!

Dr. Eva Ruffing, Professor and Senior Researcher for the Institute of Political Science at the University of Hannover, Germany


After trying out many other editing services, I have now been profiting from the proofreading work of Ryan DeLaney since early 2013. I always find his comments to be extremely helpful, and they significantly improve the quality of the language and style of my texts. As a result, Ryan DeLaney has greatly contributed to the successful publication of my texts in internationally renowned academic journals. I look forward to our continued work together!

Angela Herrmann, Allogenic Transplant Coordinator at Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany


What luck that a friend recommended Mr. DeLaney to me! My goal was to be able to write and speak more effectively with my patients in English. I was very surprised that Mr. DeLaney was immediately able to understand a new field, hematology / oncology – blood stem cell- and bone marrow transplants. He has helped me with the translation of specialized medical texts, and working with him is always very effective and very fulfilling. Mr. DeLaney encouraged me to speak English even though I have a Bavarian accent, and he has helped to turn my dialect into a valuable resource for me, which I really appreciate! Mr. DeLaney is a very good listener and customizes his lessons to fit the specific needs of each individual student. He takes notice of the smallest nuances in both written and spoken language and has tremendous patience! With Mr. Delaney’s help, it has been possible for me to reach my goal in English!

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Jürgens, Professor of Microsociology at the University of Kassel, Germany


If you’re looking for professional editing or translation for your text, you need not look any further than Ryan DeLaney. He not only provides a linguistically outstanding version of the text but also pays tremendous attention to the author’s goals, offers alternative formulations, demonstrates the impact of different translation options, and shows a committed dedication to improving the level and style of the work.

Prof. Dr. Christiane Gross, Chair of the Department of Quantitative Methods of Empirical Social Research at the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Würzburg, Germany


I have been working together with Ryan for several years. He has always proven to be reliable and not only corrects the grammar and punctuation of my English texts but also improves their style. Ryan works very meticulously and even discovers discrepancies in the content of my texts. Moreover, he has a very keen intuition for scientific language and social science terminology. I highly recommend working with Ryan without any hesitation whatsoever!

Dr. Johanna Dämmrich, Reporting Consultant, Leibniz Association, Berlin, Germany


Ryan has proofread various academic texts and articles for me, including my doctoral dissertation. Working with Ryan is made unbelievably easy, enjoyable, and effective by his linguistic proficiency and sensitivity, a congenial and smooth workflow, and his speed and general flexibility with his time. Ryan is always available for questions and detailed explanations via email and telephone regarding the grammatical and stylistic errors in my texts. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend working together with Ryan based on his linguistic expertise and his commitment to producing excellent results!

Dr. Yuliya Kosyakova, Senior Researcher in the Department of International Comparisons and European Integration at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, Germany


I have been working with Ryan for many years now. I first met him while completing my research with eduLIFE at the European University Institute, during which time he edited a number of my articles for prestigious scientific journals. In addition, Ryan corrected and improved my doctoral dissertation, which I had written in English. Working with Ryan is always very productive and helpful since only as a result of his editing do my texts express exactly the right ideas with the perfect style. This would not be possible without his help because English is not my native language. Ryan also always makes the time to consult with me regarding all of my questions, which I really appreciate! I highly recommend Ryan to all of my colleagues due to his advanced skills and knowledge, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Dr. Bella Struminskaya, Assistant Professor in the Department of Methodology & Statistics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands


I have been working with Ryan since beginning my master’s studies in 2008. Ryan has proofread a number of texts for me, including several chapters of my doctoral thesis. Ryan never seems to tire of explaining and analyzing grammar and style and always shows a real passion for making my texts as sophisticated as they can be. On top of that, his sense of humor, his interest in other people’s writing styles, and his overall expertise in English make him a joy to work with. I look forward to our next project together!