No matter how brilliant your ideas are, if they are not expressed idiomatically and concisely, they will not have the right impact on the reader. I thereby not only correct errors in grammar and punctuation but also ensure the use of an idiomatic style and an appropriate linguistic register.


Using a more idiomatic and elevated style goes hand in hand with increasing the clarity of your ideas, inciting greater interest from readers, and creating a more dynamic impact in your field. For instance, choosing correctly between the first decision of the company and the company’s first decision, the new law destroys our rights and the new law encroaches upon our rights, and the problem mentioned often and the often-mentioned problem can mean the difference between appearing competent or losing your readers’ interest.


There really is no substitute for the linguistic instincts of a native speaker when it comes to refining the language of your text. My ear for melodic, elegant phrases and my eye for concise, idiomatic formulations can serve to your benefit by allowing me to help you reach your target audience with the most and impactful style possible. Together, we can take your writing to a higher level of Professional English!